Customers increasingly expect relevant and engaging communications when, where, and how they want them.  To meet these expectations, marketers must overcome the challenges of Big Data to turn their businesses into a data and insights-driven ones. With powerful, yet often untapped, customer data available to every business, the question is where to start.

Our solutions focus on delivering practical outcomes so marketers can seamlessly integrate Big Data into insight-driven, goal oriented, automated cross-channel campaigns that help them focus on increasing sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction. No more guess work and no more “It’s what we’ve always done”. We champion proven strategies and tactics while developing innovative approaches for our client’s unique needs. From initial analysis and data asset development through to post-campaign measurement, every element is founded on knowledge, tied to a goal, reinforces the brand, and is continually validated.

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Big Data can be intimidating. Whether you’re figuring out where to start, or just want a second opinion on your GDPR mandated erasure process, we provide industry leading experience in data compliance, data framework development, and execution. Our core Data solutions address:
Data Privacy Compliance Assessments: Delivers an actionable plan to become compliant with current and upcoming data and usage legislation including GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, NY Shield Act, Can-Spam, and CASL. For more on our CCPA Assessment click here.
Data Asset Evaluation and Data Strategy Roadmap: Provides a constructive evaluation of a businesses current data assets, and an actionable plan to move it towards becoming an insights-driven marketing leader.
Data Framework Development: Builds the foundation to support key business health metrics, customer insights, and audience attributes to power everything from A.I. and personalized content, to next most likely product and projected life time value.

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Knowledge is power. Understanding who your customers and consumers are, and what motivates them, enables you to focus your initiatives on those that best increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Our core Insights solutions address:
Audience Insights: Creates a single view of the customer across conversion, demographic, behavioral, socio-economic, and other attributes that drives more relevant messaging, creative design, targeting, and segmentation. Market research also helps grow your customer base and loyalty by understanding where else they shop, and why, to more effectively address their unmet needs.
Custom Analytics & Reporting: Every business is different so the development of key metrics that address your unique business needs is critical to track your business health, customer behavior, communication engagement, and optimization initiatives.
Competitive Positioning: In today’s world opportunities are fleeting and the constant barrage of marketing means it takes more to break through the clutter. Creates a defined set of differentiators that reinforces the brand and lays the foundation for more effective marketing and communications.

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One size marketing does not fit all. The best strategies and communication programs are goal oriented, based on a comprehensive understanding of the customer, and leverage data to drive more relevant touch points.  Understanding what motivates customers requires marketers bring together all relevant data, including external data and primary research, to create an insights driven customer experience. Our core Execution solutions include:
Communication Programs: Develops programs that are part of an overall acquisition, activation, and retention communications portfolio designed to maximize engagement and satisfaction.
Customer Journeys: Provides a framework for communication touch points and guides research to better understand the customer and consumer experience.
Testing Plan Development: Maps out a set of learning objectives that provides continual learning opportunities, and are directly tied to organizational goals, strategies, and metrics.

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