2020 Election: A Step Forward for Consumer Data Rights

11/5/2020: Overshadowed by the Presidential race, data rights and privacy scored meaningful victories on Tuesday. While some of the ballot issues were focused on governments use of individuals’ data, businesses should take note of trends, and how consumer sentiment has become more protective while touching on far more aspects of their daily life.

The Great Brand Abandonment of 2020:
How Chaos Has Bred Opportunity

8/16/2020: Since March, U.S. customers have been faced with a radically different shopping experience, one that encourages or forces brand switching.  As customers abandon their old brands, this has created an opportunity for smaller and private label brands to stake their claim.  How well brands respond to these opportunities and threats will be key to determining their future.

Data Strategy or Strategery?
How Businesses Are Combatting Amazon and the Economic Downturn

7/22/2020: The need for an effective data strategy has never been stronger.  Faced with years of increasing competitive pressure from businesses like Amazon, and now an unprecedented economic downturn, businesses are looking to emulate what has allowed Target and Best Buy to successfully fight back. Here is what you need to be thinking about as you reevaluate your data strategy.

Highlights from the New CCPA Regulations

6/8/2020: Last week the state of California released the “final” set of regulations that round out the California Consumer Privacy Act, six months after it went into effect.  These new regulations provide much better context around several key aspects of how the Act should be interpreted and how businesses can best comply.  However, the new details do not address all outstanding areas and create some new questions.  Here is our take on the new regulations.

Email Marketers Buckle Up!

5/26/2020: A radical shift in the enterprise Email Service Provider (ESP) space was well underway before the economic shut down which has accelerated the upheaval. A new-breed ESPs are rising to prominence because they have proven to be more innovative, data-savvy, and focused on ecommerce outcomes while not suffocating under the constraints of legacy technology. It is just what marketers need.

Apocalypse Chow?
How Innovation is Providing Hope for the Restaurant Industry

4/28/2020: With 97% of U.S. restaurants now closed for on-site dining a restaurant revolution is well underway.  Fear and opportunity are driving fundamental changes in the industry and are accelerating innovation with the hope of building brands that are far more able to withstand future shocks.  How businesses adapt will determine their future. 

Upgrade Your Marketing Communications with These 3 Attributes

4/6/2020: With many marketers scrambling to figure out how to improve their marketing, without driving customers away, we’ve outlined 3 helpful data attributes nearly all B2C and B2B marketers can use to improve their communication performance and the customer experience.

Adding to Your Marketing Tool Kit: 
The Basics for Effective Testing

3/30/2020: To help you approach testing from an objective and technical perspective we have put together a framework and sample size calculator.  Together these should help you create more credible tests that get at the heart of what you are trying to accomplish with testing and produce better insights.

A Marketer’s Quick Guide:
Where to Begin with Big Data

3/16/2020: Turning your Big Data into actionable data is a challenging but rewarding process. As with many things, the first step is often the most difficult. Following the process we have outlined here, marketers can start to lead their organization down the path to becoming a data driven one.

Avoiding the Big Data Creepy Factor

3/10/2020: Big data is undoubtedly the future of marketing, and it is what powers A.I., so the opportunities for unintended misuse and abuse have already started and will continue to multiply.  As marketers look to improve the customer experience and their marketing effectiveness, they will need to develop guidelines for their business and industry. Here are 7 ways to avoid being a creepy brand…

The Voice of the Consumer, Lost in the Data Privacy Shuffle

2/18/2020: The U.S. data privacy debate seems to have left consumers out of the conversation. With data privacy legislation chaos setting in, consumers woes will get worse before they get better so understanding their concerns, and how a lack of data privacy has hurt them, will be key to companies protecting their consumer data and relationships. It is time for companies to listen. Here is what consumers are saying…

How to Improve Your Offer Strategy, Easy First Steps

2/10/2020: Offer strategy and associated tactics are an often overlooked opportunity for marketers to improve their existing programs. By encouraging specific customer behaviors that support a marketer’s overarching strategies and goals, marketers will find success financially and in improving the customer experience. Get started by…

Three Cases That Will Help Shape Your Understanding of GDPR and CCPA

2/3/2020: The authors of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) left a lot to be interpreted by the courts.  After 21 months there are several small profile cases that have already been decided that provide insight into how GDPR will be applied. These initial decisions provide insight into how CCPA may be interpreted.

Moving Beyond Vanity Email Metrics

1/17/2020: One of the most frustrating things to see is a marketer who knows they should be creating more relevant, personalized communications, but continues to serve up one-size fits all communications.  There are often good reasons for this, but it perpetuates the challenges that keep them from getting to segmented or 1-to-1 communications, which in today’s era of Big Data and real time technology are realistic options for all marketers…

Top Customer Acquisition Challenges and What to Do About Them

10/28/2019: I have never met a marketer who felt their acquisition sources were performing as well as they could.  After hearing from hundreds of marketers about their acquisition programs, they almost always have the same three key roadblocks to improving their acquisition performance.  With modern technology’s ability to manage and action Big Data, and consumer experience expectations constantly rising, there really is no…

Get Ready for CCPA –
Top 5 Challenges for Businesses

9/23/2019: Less than two years after GDPR went into effect, a similar sense of unease is building in the United States as business struggle to become compliant with California’s new CCPA legislation (California Consumer Protection Act) and understand what it will mean not just in that state, but across the nation.  With California representing 14.5% of U.S. GDP[1] and 12.0% of the overall population…

Media Evolution The Changing Role of Print

8/15/2012: The media industry has always adapted to meet the changing needs of advertisers and to incorporate new technologies into their service and product offerings.  Over the last two decades this industry has changed at a breakneck pace that is no longer a series of adjustments but a wholesale evolution of the industry.

The Changing Value of the Catalog in Today’s Retail Market Place

2/15/2011: The growth of ecommerce, increased postage rates and rising paper costs, many multi-channel retailers have been forced to decreased circulation and page counts while adapting their catalogs to be more than just a sales vehicle in the direct channel.  Retailers now use their catalog as a brand communication tool utilizing it to connect with the consumer.

Loyalty Marketing Helped The Restaurant Industry Fight the Recession

1/11/2011: The onset of the recession in the United States in December 2007 brought about a time of immense struggle for most in the restaurant industry, from QSR’s to fine dining establishments.

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