For more than 20 years we have heard marketers say they know they need to be data-driven, improve their understanding of the customer, and leverage their Big Data assets. But even after all this time, and after having worked with hundreds of brands, very few will tell you that they have been able to accomplish this or even get started. They often don’t know where to start and lack the internal skill sets to make it happen.

Marketing IQ was founded in 2009 to help marketers and businesses bridge this gap. Not with theoretical or academic solutions, but practical and tactical outcomes.

We have helped a wide array of businesses from multi-national technology and data management firms to growing restaurant groups and multi-channel retailers by developing and implementing innovative and highly actionable data frameworks that power insights-driven communication programs. All based on a robust understanding of their customer and prospect audiences that is designed to drive and effectively measure engagement, conversion, and ROI.

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