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The Utility of Fully-Permissioned Customer Data

6/23/2020: The Customer

Mike Giambattista, Will Stuart-Jones from 3radical, and Marketing IQ’s Marc Shull discuss fully-permissioned customer data and its roots in conversational, gamified exchanges where its utility extends way beyond traditionally-sourced customer data. With many brands now feeling the pain of not listening to their customer data and increased scrutiny over how data is sourced and used, brands will need to start bringing their A-game to the customer experience.

Gamification Is Not What You Think It Is

6/10/2020: The Customer

Gamification has very little to do with playing games.  It is one of the few purpose-built technologies that addresses the historic challenge of maximizing customer engagement, and the newer challenges posed by expanding data privacy legislation, and Google’s announcement to end the use of 3rd party cookies.

Taking the Country’s Temperature on Data Privacy

3/4/2020: The Customer

To give businesses a better perspective on the data privacy landscape, we take a visual look at where each state stands on the path to adopting their own comprehensive data privacy legislation.

The Customer Data Tail is About to Wag the Dog

1/26/2020: The Customer

Customer Data Privacy is just the tip of the spear. Consumers have higher expectations than most marketers are prepared to acknowledge or deal with – and catching up to those expectations is going to require nothing short of a sea change in AdTech.

GDPR & CCPA: Finding The Competitive Edge

11/20/2019: The Customer

Data compliance is emerging as a giant opportunity for dynamic brands to differentiate and build stronger customer relationships.  Brands that compete against category leaders with de facto monopolies can use data leadership and privacy to seize an industry-leading role in an area that is increasingly important to customers.

Taking the GDPR Stateside: An Industry Discussion on the Potential for Privacy Regulation in California

4/4/2018: DTC Daily / Retail Tech News

State level discussions, and one ballot proposal are already in play in the United States. As we have seen recently with the Facebook debacle, data privacy, and treating customers differently does not sit well with them. This discussion provides different perspectives on how a U.S. version of GDPR might happen and how marketers can prepare.

Industry Insight: How GDPR Will Impact the Marketing Landscape


Discussion of the importance of email personalization, communication portfolio balance, GDPR, and the future of email marketing.

GDPR Enforcement May Be Driven by Fears of Liability

11/28/2017: MarTech Today

Discussion on how implementation of GDPR requirements could be hampered by a lack of clarity in the law about exactly what kinds of consumer data it covers.

Building An Insights Driven Customer Experience

9/27/2017: Shop.Org Tech Talks

Customer marketing expectations are changing and brands that are poised to take advantage of Big Data and technology will have a leg up on the competition. A how-to on where to start with your Big Data assets.

Ready, Set, GDPR: What Marketers Need To Know

8/29/2017: Media Post

Brands have nine months to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, or face severe fines for data security breaches. GDPR goes into effect on May 25, requiring any company marketing to European citizens to adhere to stricter standards of data collection. If left unaddressed, previous data collection practices could pose significant financial risk to organizations.

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