The Great Brand Abandonment of 2020: How Chaos Has Bred Opportunity

The new shopping dynamics have also cast a spotlight on the inadequacies of many brands’ online customer experience and the ineffectiveness of generic retention programs. In many cases, brand-customer relationships proved to be based more on habit than true loyalty or brand affinity. Until marketers create a more relevant experience where, when, and how customers want it, they will struggle to get customers to return to their brands, and will leave the door open for lower priced and easier to find brands to build relationships with their former customers.

Email Marketers Buckle Up!

As brands fight to bounce back, with little patience for outdated technology or allowing opportunities to be missed, they will start to look to a new breed of ESPs to not just help them survive, but to thrive. It is just what marketers need.

The Changing Value of the Catalog in Today’s Retail Market Place

Catalogs have long been an American tradition, filling mailboxes to the brim every Christmas, with pictures of perfect living rooms, the latest gadgets and the most comfortable shoes.  However, due to the growth of ecommerce, increased postage rates and rising paper costs, many multi-channel retailers have been forced to decreased circulation and page counts whileContinue reading “The Changing Value of the Catalog in Today’s Retail Market Place”