How to Improve Your Offer Strategy, Easy First Steps

Offer strategy and associated tactics are an often overlooked opportunity for marketers to improve their existing programs. By encouraging specific customer behaviors that support a marketer’s overarching strategies and goals, marketers will find success financially and in improving the customer experience.

Three Cases That Will Help Shape Your Understanding of GDPR and CCPA

The authors of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) left a lot to be interpreted by the courts. After 21 months we have seen initial complaints and fines against the big companies like Facebook and Google as expected. However, there are several smaller profile cases that have already been decided that provide insight into how GDPR will be applied, and perhaps just as importantly how smaller organizations are just as likely to be caught as the ones with deep pocket

Moving Beyond Vanity Email Metrics

One of the most frustrating things to see is a marketer who knows they should be creating more relevant, personalized communications, but continues to serve up one-size fits all communications. There are often good reasons for this, but it perpetuates the challenges that keep them from getting to segmented or 1-to-1 communications, which in today’s era of Big Data and real time technology are realistic options for all marketers.

Top Customer Acquisition Challenges and What to Do About Them

I have never met a marketer who felt their acquisition sources were performing as well as they could.  After hearing from hundreds of marketers about their acquisition programs, they almost always have the same three key roadblocks to improving their acquisition performance.  With modern technology’s ability to manage and action Big Data, and consumer experienceContinue reading “Top Customer Acquisition Challenges and What to Do About Them”

Get Ready for CCPA – Top 5 Challenges for Businesses

Less than two years after GDPR went into effect, a similar sense of unease is building in the United States as businesses struggle to become compliant with California’s new CCPA legislation (California Consumer Privacy Act) and to understand what it will mean not just in that state, but across the nation.  With California representing 14.5%Continue reading “Get Ready for CCPA – Top 5 Challenges for Businesses”

Media Evolution The Changing Role of Print

The media industry has always adapted to meet the changing needs of advertisers and to incorporate new technologies into their service and product offerings.  Over the last two decades this industry has changed at a breakneck pace that is no longer a series of adjustments but a wholesale evolution of the industry.  New media haveContinue reading “Media Evolution The Changing Role of Print”

The Changing Value of the Catalog in Today’s Retail Market Place

Catalogs have long been an American tradition, filling mailboxes to the brim every Christmas, with pictures of perfect living rooms, the latest gadgets and the most comfortable shoes.  However, due to the growth of ecommerce, increased postage rates and rising paper costs, many multi-channel retailers have been forced to decreased circulation and page counts whileContinue reading “The Changing Value of the Catalog in Today’s Retail Market Place”

Loyalty Marketing Helped The Restaurant Industry Fight the Recession

The onset of the recession in the United States in December 2007 brought about a time of immense struggle for most in the restaurant industry, from QSR’s to fine dining establishments.  Between 1990 and 2006, prior to the United States’ economic nosedive, the restaurant industry became increasingly saturated.  During this period, the population grew byContinue reading “Loyalty Marketing Helped The Restaurant Industry Fight the Recession”